Take a Mulligan

Last Saturday was "Take a Mulligan Day." As anyone even slightly familiar with golf knows, this term means you get a "do-over" on the golf course. So, if you can get a second chance on the greens, why not in your home?

Now is a good time to really look at your home's stairway system. Do you need to "take a mulligan?"

Perhaps you inherited your stairway when you purchased your home. Or, you simply have an older stairway system that's out-of-date and crying out for a mulligan. No problem. We can help.

Creating Your Perfect Stairway

At L.J. Smith we specialize in crafting the types of stairways that people dream about. Whether you're seeking something sleek and stylish or rugged and rich, we've got what you're dreaming of in our wide variety of stair systems.

You can choose the product styles, wood species, or iron finishes that best suits your vision of a dream stairway. Plus, there are hundreds of design choices for balusters. Ranging from square and skinny to swirly and stately, our balusters are handcrafted for you.

At L.J. Smith, we're your "one-stop shop" for everything needed to craft a unique stairway that showcases unsurpassed strength and beauty. We've been manufacturing staircase components since 1885. Every year we satisfy the exacting needs of individual customers like you. So go ahead,  take a mulligan ... and let's get started together on your new showpiece stairway system!

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