Mr. David Dickerson, a high-end homebuilder in Florida, uses only L.J. Smith stair parts in his 2-story homes. He states...

"The system from L.J. Smith alleviated a great deal of complexities in a fairly complex stair system. Factory and customer support was there when I needed it."

Here's a flattering testimonial from an experienced and highly qualified stair installer in Florida.

"To whom it may concern,
I'm writing this letter in praise of your company's innovative idea in developing the Conect-A-Kit system. This concept is truly remarkable. I have been using L.J. Smith fittings for years. They are great!...

This system substantially reduces assembly time and creates a very strong joint. It allows for quick and easy assembling and disconnecting of joints while in place. The fitting profiles and milling are very uniform, which also reduces sanding time.

I would like to take this time to commend the L.J. Smith company for continuing to provide the ideas, products and services that set the standard in the stair industry.

Edward L. Trimmer

And more words of praise for our products from another seasoned stair installer from Florida, Mr. Ray Baker...

"L.J. Smith has been in the stair business for well over 100 years. They are the benchmark for all other manufacturers. I can count on consistency in quality and product color.

"Conect-A-Kit has revolutionized the installation of stair parts. One fitting can be used for multiple applications, therefore, reducing the amount of stair part product numbers to select from."

Mr. and Mrs. Downing of Ohio, are the happy owners of a home featuring an L.J. Smith staircase. Here's what they have to say about our products...

"We wanted the old fashion square newel posts. When people walk in the door, the first thing they say is 'Wow! Look at that stair.' That's what we were looking for."

Mr. Stephen Fenton built the stairway in Mr. & Mrs. Downing's home. He shares why he used L.J. Smith products in this stairway...

"It was the homeowner's preference. I find L.J. Smith products to have good quality control and the specifications are consistent."

Homebuilder, Doug Prestier, tells why he uses L.J. Smith products on the stairways in the finest homes that his company builds...

"L.J. Smith has a good fastening system. We like the dowel-screws on the balusters because they don't allow them to rise or tip. We are real happy with L.J. Smith and the quality has been good. I don't think anyone else has a fastening system comparable to theirs.

For us they've been good products. It's been one of those products we don't have to go back on because the system works."

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