Get a New Stairway Look with Minimal Effort

Here’s a riddle: How can you take wooden balusters out of a stairway and still keep it standing? The answer is: by using IronPro™ Iron Baluster Fasteners.

If you’re looking to update the look of your wooden stairway, IronPro allows you to achieve a contemporary mix of wood and iron in your home. Keep your wood handrail and wood newels … but replace your wooden balusters with designer iron balusters.

Available for both kneewall and open tread applications, IronPro kits come with everything you need to make the transition: ball adaptors, sockets and centering plugs. We even have cover plates if you desire. The simple installation gives you a new, elegant look to your stairway system.

Five easy steps make installation fast and simple.


            Step #1 – For a remodeling project, cut each wood baluster and remove from your stairway.


            Step #2 – Attach the IronPro fasteners using the provided hardware in the kit.


            Step #3 – Measure and cut the iron baluster you have selected for the stairway.

            Step #4 – Insert the iron baluster, pivot and swing it into position.

            Step #5 – Align the assembly and screw into place. Tighten the set screws and you’re finished and on to the next baluster!


A separate IronPro kit is needed for each baluster you wish to replace. Select from a wide range of iron balusters available from L.J. Smith and determine the new look that works best for your home! IronPro works with any of our ½” square iron balusters.

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