Iron Balusters For Stairs

Balusters are the decorative vertical members of a balustrade system. Our ornamental iron balusters offer an extensive assortment of popular styles in various square and round sizes ranging from ½” up to ¾”. They are constructed from “mild” steel, making them very durable and much stronger than wrought iron versions. Each and every baluster is handmade, which means no two are exactly alike—the slight variations in the details add exceptional character to any stairway. Our iron balusters are available in solid and hollow designs.

 Eight powder-coated finishes available:  Finishes may vary. 

  1. Satin black
  2. Matte black
  3. Low sheen black
  4. Matte nickel
  5. Oil rubbed bronze
  6. Oil rubbed copper
  7. Antique bronze
  8. Silver vein. 

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