You Can Never Ask Too Many Questions

Go ahead --- ask us a question. After all, today is International Ask a Question Day!

Whether you call us (at 740-269-2221) or visit our FAQ section online, we can help. And, you’re not alone in having questions. That’s why we have more than 250 Q&A responses online.

To make life a bit easier for you, we’re sharing some of the most frequently asked questions here --- along with our responses.

Q: What are the two types of stair systems?  A: Post-to-Post (PTP) and Over-the-Post (OTP). The PTP system has the handrail going between the newels, and the OTP system has the handrail going over the newels.

Q: What are L.J. Smith iron balusters made of?  A:  Mild steel, a carbon alloy of iron, which is much stronger than wrought iron.

Q: What is the preferred method for installing wood balusters?  A: Dowel-fast screws because of the strength that this method adds to the installed balustrade.

Q: What are the L.J. Smith standard species?  A: Available hardwoods are red oak, poplar, beech, cherry and maple. Softwood is hemlock. Primed balusters are also available and we can get in special species.

Q: What is the difference between laminated, edge-glued, veneer, and engineered?  A: Laminated is glued for thickness or height. Edge-glued is for width as in treads and risers. Veneered is thinly-wrapped and backed with paper. Engineered refers to a glued-up core over which a 1/8” layer is laminated.

Q: Can L.J. Smith products be used for the exterior?  A: No. Nearly all L.J. Smith products are manufactured for interior use only. The exception is our Linear Collection cable, cable fittings and metal cable newels. The cable and cable fittings are 316 Marine Grade stainless steel and the metal cable newels are powder coated aluminum for interor or exterior applications.

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