We've Got Curves!

From spiral staircases to long, sweeping turns in a stair system, at L.J. Smith we’ve got curves!

Whether you’re trying to create a “statement stair system” that dominates a large entryway, or you’ve got the challenge of needing a functional spiral stair system that connects one level to another, we can help. We can also assist with bump-out stair systems by incorporating our bending handrail. And, we’ve got the capabilities and expertise to create a 90-degree bend to bring a stair system across the top of a second floor open hallway.


Some of our favorite curved stair systems incorporate iron baluster options with classic wood handrails. Select from our ornate Ribbon Collection balusters, Hoop Collection or the soft swirls of the Finesse Collection and you’ve made the first steps toward accents of curves in your stair system.


Next look at the classic designs of our bending rails. We offer corresponding bending mould to match the chosen handrail to create the radius. Available in 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’ and 16’ lengths, L.J. Smith bending rails match their corresponding straight rail profile.

So go ahead … dream of curves. We can help you create circular or spiral stair systems plus curved balconies. It’s all in the curves … and we’ve got everything you need to show them off!


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