Think Like a Child, Design Like an Adult

Creativity is an important part of the human spirit. Just talk with a four-year-old and ask him to describe the perfect tree house or cars that zoom through the sky. You’ll quickly rediscover that letting your imagination soar can be both fun and empowering.

At L.J. Smith, we encourage and embrace creativity. That’s why we’re always excited to learn of people who have incorporated their own dreams and ideas into our stair systems.

Sharese and Steve Mohlman are a great example of combining talents and creativity to develop a dream stair system. The first step came when Sharese, who enjoys designing and decorating homes, started developing the idea for a new stairway for their Utah home.

"We visited C.R. Doors and Moulding and fell in love with the sleek, simple look of the L.J. Smith cables and hardware," says Steve Mohlman. "Once we saw those products Sharese finished creating the design. She recommended painted poplar wood to offset the steel cables."

With the design in hand, Mohlman installed the cable system on the stairway. A past builder with finish work experience, he next painted and lacquered the wood pieces. The L.J. Smith cable system was installed on the back side of an "X" arrangements created by the wood pieces.


"The stainless steel cable system gave us the modern look we wanted," says Mohlman. "Marrying those contemporary cables with the wood pieces has given us a unique stairway that people continually comment on when visiting."


Creativity was also behind the selection of Linear System stainless steel cable and cable fittings for homeowner Tyler Young. He decided the unique look would complement his home’s wood flooring and barn wood wall.          

"We've jokingly called it 'Pottery Barn Meets Redneck,' but, in truth we just like the modern look mixed in with the rustic look,” says Young. "This stairway system has definitely become a conversation piece in our new home. It generates a lot of positive comments from people who say they've never seen anything like it. This system truly blends together the new look of stainless steel with the old barn look of weathered wood."

Discover your creativity and bring it home with a new L.J. Smith stairway system. Contact us today to see how we can work to support your design dreams.


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