The Madison Project - Jean Stoffer

Last year, L.J. Smith had the opportunity to partner with Jean Stoffer Design to revive the staircase in the historic Madison home in downtown Grand Rapids. Taking on the Madison home was no small feat, even for a well-versed professional designer like Jean Stoffer, and the L.J. Smith team was excited to join her on her renovation journey.

Jean originally discovered the Madison in November of 2017, and then ended up purchasing the home just one month later in December. She knew she had to take on this project the moment she saw it.

Built in 1905, the home has a total of 10,000 square feet equaling out to 29 rooms, all of which needed a major refresh. Partnering with Kenowa Builders and Novo Building Products, Jean was able to transform this drab historic home into a beautiful work of art.

“It’s required patience, and it’s required resources, but now we are done and I am absolutely thrilled with it.”

Jean Stoffer

L.J. Smith Stair Systems Involvement

Seeing a great opportunity when Jean Stoffer began renovating the home, L.J. Smith Stair Systems decided to take on the project of renovating the grand staircase. The L.J. Smith team, Jean, and Kenowa Builders then got to work discussing the plans for the partnership.

After a lot of concept work from Jean and Kenowa Builders, it was determined what product was needed and how that product would be used.

Product Used

The Finished Space

This two-year-long project ended just a few months ago, and it left us with a stunning grand staircase that utilizes all L.J. Smith stair parts. You can find all of the assets from this incredible renovation by exploring Jean Stoffer’s social media pages or by visiting her portfolio of the project. Complete with 28 different rooms in the Madison home, there is surely one that will inspire you to create your own space.

Not only was this project a great spotlight for our companies from social media, but it has also received national media attention.

The brand new Magnolia Network on Discovery+ featured Jean Stoffer in their first episode of Point Of View, a Designers Perspective, where they dove into Jean’s career and showed different aspects of the Madison Project. In this episode, you are able to see a brief behind the scenes on the project along with footage of the finished home.

Because of the Magnolia Network feature on this project, WZZM 13 news also picked up the story and shared it across their channels, bringing even more light to these stunning transformations. You can find the link to their feature here

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