Special Stairways

November is National Long-Term Care Awareness Month … a special designation that deserves special attention.

At L.J. Smith, we’re fortunate to have our stairway systems located in a variety of long-term care facilities. Two of our favorites are at Aegis Assisted Living facilities in the Seattle area.

“There’s a project at Aegis Living Queen Anne Rodgers Park that includes the bending of a beautiful red oak stair system,” says Carl Bouchee, an outside sales rep for L.J. Smith. “It was stained in black walnut. The bending of this large railing, which was more than 25-feet wide, was really a challenge.

“At a different Aegis facility in the Ravenna District of Seattle our team created a custom alder rail. We had to pre-bend the rail to fit with the iron balustrades and there was a custom newel design. We’re really proud of this showpiece railing system at this assisted living location.”

According to Bouchee, team members at L.J. Smith relish the opportunity to create unique, long-lasting stair systems. “Each specialty project is just that … special,” says Bouchee. “The stair systems we create at L.J. Smith demand our full attention and skills.”

Whether we’re creating a stair system for an assisted living facility, a library, a hotel or a home, at L.J. Smith we’re dedicated to handcrafted perfection.

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