Need a hand?

What’s the most “touched” part of a stair system? Of course, it’s the handrail.

At L.J. Smith Stair Systems, we know how important a handrail is to the overall look and feel of your stairway. That’s why we offer more than 30 unique styles of handrails and wall rails with plenty of options. And, each style is available in 14 standard wood species, plus custom woods. Whatever your dream for a handrail, we can make that dream come true.


While many stairway projects require handrail fittings for handrails that are attached with rail bolts, we also offer the Conect-A-Kit® fittings for common stairway applications. You get versatility, ease of assembly and added strength with this system.

Conect-A-Kit® fittings have a base with machined pockets and a removable top lid (or bottom) for easy installation. Best of all, every piece of assembly hardware is concealed within the base of each fitting, for a smooth finished appearance. Most of the joint connects are made on top of the rail system for better access and no rail bolts are required.

You can use Conect-A-Kit® to make left or right turns with the same fitting, and seven Conect-A-Kit® fittings can be used to make 26 gooseneck fitting combinations. Whether you’re installing a quarterturn, upeasing or gooseneck fitting, Conect-A-Kit® helps installation go faster and smoother. 


For more information on handrail fittings from L.J. Smith and our Conect-A-Kit® fittings, call us at 740-269-2221 or visit

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