Lyrical Staircases

Over the years, a great many songs have been written about stairs. Song titles involve walking, passing, climbing, and running on stairs. There's also "Room at the Top of the Stairs"  by Eddie Rabbit, "Halfway Down the Stairs" by the Muppets, and even "I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs"  by Elvia Presley.

However, the most famous staircase of all time has to be "Stairway to Heaven". The Led Zeppelin hit was written by Robert Plant. In responding to questions on the meaning behind the song, Plant reportedly said, "Depending on what day it is, I still interpret the song a different way --- and I wrote the lyrics."

Dream Staircases

Whether you're on the stairs, gazing up at them, or quietly strolling down them, there's no doubt about it. Stairways have played a significant role in homes (and songs!) across this country for decades.

The song “Stairs” by Yellow Magic Orchestra may sum it up best:

In the shadows by the wall
The stairs go on forever
They could be steel
They could be stone
They could even be paper
Are they leading up or down?
The stairs go on forever
Crowds of people in confusion
Are they moving in or out?
Are they moving, are they still?
The stairs go on forever
People going upstairs
People going downstairs
Ascending people
Descending people


Whether you’re looking to climb them, gracefully stroll down them, or even stomp on them, we hope you’ll remember us at L.J. Smith when it’s time for your new stairway system. We’ve got hundreds of styles, expert craftspeople, and stunning accents that can make your staircase the main feature of your home. Your own little stairway to heaven.

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