When Mike Mielke picked up the ball and started running with a new stair design project for a residential indoor sports court, he relied on L.J. Smith® Stair Systems to help him make a slam dunk. The unique metal newel and cable system had the perfect industrial look that the homeowner and his designer were looking for to complement the customized room.

“There are a lot of different ‘tones’ in this room to give it an industrial feel, like metal strappings, wood flooring and the main stairway system,” says homeowner Jerry Jendusa from Waterford, Wisc. “I found the L.J. Smith linear cable stair system on my own and then worked with Mielke Stair System and Amy Carmen Design to get the exact look I envisioned.”

Created in 2017, the indoor sports center in the custom home sees lots of action from the five Jendusa children.

“They’re mostly teenagers now, so the sports area gets a great deal of use from the kids and their friends,” says Jendusa. “That means lots of foot traffic up and down the stairs. We’re pleased with the look of the L.J. Smith stair system because it complements the entire room. Plus, it’s held up great to the constant use.”

Slam Dunk Success

Mike Mielke stepped in to help bring Jendusa’s vision to reality during the home’s construction stages.

“We’ve been installing L.J. Smith products for 10 years since we opened our company,” says Mielke, vice president of Mielke Stair System out of Silver Lake, Wisc. “I knew their products would work great in this setting to enhance the indoor court.

“There were absolutely no challenges on this project. We put on the ‘full-court press’ and found the L.J. Smith cable railing was simple and easy to install. We used wood screws and standard lag bolts, and then painted them black after installation.”

With the court action the center of attention for the Jendusa family, Mielke is proud of his involvement with the project. “We created several stair systems within this home,” says Mielke. “However this one, which perfectly accents the industrial feel of the sports center, really stands out as a true winner.”

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