Home Upgrades that Make a Big Difference

Inside and out, the right home improvement projects can positively impact your home's value. From adding a new roof to installing decorative mouldings, home upgrades can make a big difference in your house.

"Making positive changes to your some almost always has payback," says realtor Vicent A. Stanson, a REALTOR® associate with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in New Jersey. "It doesn't matter if you're making changes for your own personal enjoyment or as enticements to sell a property. When you upgrade any aspect of your home it results in a positive return on investment."

Sweeping Statements

Inside the home, one of the most eye-catching changes you can make is to upgrade an aging stairway system.

"Whether you change out the entire stairway or opt to replace just the balusters, this home improvement project makes a large visual impact," says Craig Kurtz, president of L.J. Smith Stair Systems. "These days there are DIY kits that make it simple to transform the look of a stairway.

"With an IronPro system, dated wood balusters can be swapped out for more trendy iron balusters. You can replace all or just a few of your old wooden balusters to create a new look."

Investments with Long Term Value

Replacing an aged stairway system does more than just add beauty to your home. It can also add long-term value.

If you're considering a new stairway system, check out our detailed installation instructions and videos or dip your toe in the water by playing with our free online visualizer. The L.J. Smith Stair Designer allows you to select a stairway system you like and then the individual components that most appeal to you. Keep choosing different parts and designs until you find the personalized stairway system that works best for you!

"Using all the free tools available from manufacturers is a smart way to start home improvement projects," says realtor Stanson. "Product samples, literature, and online visualizers can all help make home upgrades less daunting and more productive."

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