Spring is a Great Time for Home Improvements

With winter behind us and spring is now in the air, it’s time to take a good long look at your home and consider what upgrades can be made. Spring is the ideal time to think about home remodeling projects and make necessary changes to your home.

With 20 years experience as a home inspector and another two decades providing home improvement tips and ideas as a radio show host and expert, Tom Kraeutler knows there’s dual value for making upgrades to your home. “Homeowners should always make improvements based on both what they truly need for their home and what will give them day-to-day enjoyment,” says Kraeutler, host of The Money Pit, the nation’s largest home improvement radio show and podcast. “Reinvesting in a home with top-quality products will always be a win-win situation for homeowners.”

A key home remodeling project that adds style and everyday enjoyment to a home while increasing its resale value is investing in a new stairway system.

Stair systems, a key design element of any two-story home, can become outdated after many years of use. Upgrading from a very traditional wood-on-wood stair system to one with iron balusters (or a mix of wood and iron balusters) brings new life to a home interior.


Whether selecting a post-to-post system with the handrail running between the newel posts or an over-the-post system with the handrail running over the newel posts, there are many upgrade options for stairways in today’s market.

L.J. Smith Stair Systems offers balusters, hand rails and newel posts in ornamental iron and wooden versions, plus custom stair systems. For a newer contemporary look, consider our Linear Collection. Featuring marine-grade stainless steel cable along with brushed stainless steel tube, or panel infills, this stairway provides a sleek appearance that accents many home styles.

For more home improvement tips and ideas, visit The Money Pit at www.moneypit.com. And, click HERE to read the story “5 Stunning Stairway Trends” on the Money Pit website!

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