Options, Options, Options

When it comes to stairway options, L.J. Smith® Stair Systems offers a large assortment of both on-trend and “anything goes” options. It’s that widespread mix that sets our company apart in the stair parts industry.

“Whether it’s wood, iron or stainless steel, we provide people with the parts they need to create their own one-of-a-kind stair system,” says Craig Kurtz, president of L.J. Smith Stair Systems. “We can create custom projects for anyone, but with the vast array of products we have in stock, very often people find the exact product they desire from our inventory.”

Naked Woods

By offering 17 standard and premium wood species, we meet the immediate needs of builders, remodelers and homeowners nationwide.

“Traditionally Red Oak, Poplar and Maple have been our most popular selling wood species for the past five years,” says Kurtz. “Recently we’ve seen more requests for White Oak, Maple and Hickory woods. People simply fall in love with wood stair systems for their warmth and stability.”

Kurtz stresses that the company expertly handles custom species wood products when requested. “We’ve gotten in woods from Africa, Indonesia and Russia for special projects,” says Kurtz. “If someone can identify a wood, there’s a 99 percent chance we can get it for them!”

Strength of Iron

If you love a mixture of texture and strength, you’ll discover L.J. Smith offers eight iron finishes. Our three black finishes --- Satin Black, Low Sheen Black and Matte Black --- are all bestsellers. In recent years Matte Nickel and Oil Rubber Bronze have gained in popularity with homeowners.

“It’s amazing how many people wish to replace wood balusters with decorative iron balusters,” says Kurtz. “The beautiful mixture of warm wooden handrails and newel posts combined with the cooler iron balusters is an uncomplicated change for a homeowner that gives a new look to the stair system.”

Our easy-to-install IronPro™ system allows you to keep your existing wooden handrails and newels, and simply “swap out” the wooden balusters for designer iron balusters. After older wooden balusters are carefully removed, IronPro pivoting fasteners are attached to the handrail. Iron balusters are then inserted into position. Alignment is completed and screws are tightened to secure the baluster.


Two different IronPro kits are available to accommodate open tread stair, kneewall stair and level run applications, both featuring Satin Black finish.

Sleek Stainless Steel

Introduced by L.J. Smith in 2016, our cable and tube systems include a variety of wood and metal newels, marine-grade stainless steel cable and brushed stainless steel tubes. As part of the Linear Collection, the stainless steel option creates a sleek stairway appearance.


The newel posts (sized and pre-drilled for easy installation with Marine Grade 316 Stainless steel cables and fittings or stainless steel tubes) are available in many configurations. These options accommodate unlimited stair layouts while complying with various building codes.

“We’re absolutely seeing an increase in the number of stair systems that are sold with stainless steel as the primary element,” says Kurtz. “The steel cables provide more viewing areas and the stylish design is popular for both interior and exterior use.”


Metal Panels

Another modern stairway option is our Linear Metal Panel System. With this stair system, pre-assembled panels make installation fast and easy.

“The pre-assembled nature of the panels speeds up installation,” says Kurtz. “The system also includes fast-install spacer newels, panel posts, square nose designed treads and handrails.”

Seven-level run panels are available to meet rail heights of three different sizes with five-rake panel widths available. The unique stairway system can be incorporated into open tread stairways, kneewall stairways and level run applications.

Linear Metal Panels can be pre-built to fit and only require a few screw holes drilled for installation. A special easy-install feature of the system is that no glue is needed, no sanding, no code issues, no drilling of baluster holes, no marking and or cutting to fit. Plus, every rake and level panel is predrilled on the top rung and comes with screws for easy attachment to the handrail. Screws are also included for the bottom of each panel for flush mount or curb wall installations.

The Metal Panel System comes with Low Sheen Black as a standard finish. Additional powder-coated and Pantone® paint colors can be ordered so that the rail system complements the home interior. Handrail options come in Red Oak and Hard Maple to create a clean, refined look for the stair system.


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