Fall Home Improvement Project: Replace Your Stairway’s Balusters

Ready to change up the look of your home interior before the holidays? We’ve got the answer! Turn your boring staircase into a stunning showplace! The easy-to-install IronProTM system allows even the least-skilled do-it-yourselfer to transform their staircase with decorative iron balusters.

“Homeowners are not ‘stuck’ with a dated stairway that was built decades ago or one they ‘inherited’ when they purchased an older home,” says Craig Kurtz, president of L.J. Smith Stair Systems. “If you can use a tape measure, a drill and a few other common tools, you can swap out dated wooden balusters for trendy iron balusters in just an afternoon.”

Upgrading to Iron Balusters

The IronPro system allows homeowners to keep existing wooden handrails and newels, and simply “swap out” the wooden balusters for designer iron balusters. After older wooden balusters are carefully removed, IronPro pivoting fasteners are attached to the handrail. Iron balusters are then inserted, pivoted and swung into the vertical position. Alignment is completed and screws are tightened to secure the baluster.

“These balusters were easy to install and greatly contribute to the appearance of my home interior,” says Jeff Collins, a homeowner in Charlotte, N.C. “My home was built in 1998. I believe the IronPro balusters are the most attractive wrought iron balusters available on the market. The combination of the socket and ball adapters used at the top of the balusters and the threaded disk and base collars used at the bottom made this such a fast, easy project.

“I had no experience doing a project like this. It turned out great. No messy glues to deal with, just an overall easy installation. Plus, this was a way more affordable option than replacing the entire stairway system!”

Kits for Open Tread and Kneewall Stairways

Two different IronPro kits are available from L.J. Smith, both featuring products in Satin Black. For an open tread stairway, the IronPro Level Kit includes a ball adaptor, round and rectangular sockets, a base collar, a threaded disk and centering plugs. For a kneewall stairway, the IronPro Kneewall Kit includes a ball adaptor, threaded ball adaptor, round and rectangular sockets and centering plugs.

One IronPro kit is needed for each baluster replacement in a stairway system. L.J. Smith offers 35 different ½” solid and hollow iron baluster styles as replacement options when using the IronPro kit.

“Replacing balusters is an easy DIY project that can have a positive impact on a home interior,” says Kurtz. “This is an affordable option to replacing an entire stair system. And, one of the hottest trends in design styling today is the mixture of wood and iron in the home. This project allows homeowners to keep their wood handrails and newel posts while adding in elegant iron balusters.”

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