Fall in Love with a Romantic Stairway

Whether you’re a fan of sweeping staircases on grandiose ocean cruise liners (think the beautiful staircase in the Titanic movie!) or the famous Scarlett and Rhett scene in Gone with the Wind, staircases can be R O M A N T I C. And, you can have one of these heart-stopping staircases in your own home!

“I’ve rarely seen a curved staircase in a home that wasn’t eye-catching in either its design or placement,” says John Lynn, SRES with 5 Star Real Estate Pros at Keller Williams Mountain Partners. “People see a straight staircase design and think of a wide range of purposes for that staircase from basic functionality to being a home’s centerpiece for connecting life upstairs. However, a curved staircase makes a dramatic, jaw-dropping statement in a home and appeals to homebuyers on an entirely different level.”

Getting the Curve of Your Dreams

Creating an elegant, one-of-a-kind circular staircase can be both easy and fun. At L.J. Smith, we have hundreds of design choices to help you design the attention-grabbing sweeping staircase of your dreams!

Start by visiting our website or calling us (at 740-269-2221) for a free “Inner Artistry” catalog. We can match up our bending handrails with an assortment of decorative wood and iron balusters. Giving you unlimited options, our custom designs are inspired by your creativity and our beautiful products.

One More Benefit …

If you’re thinking of selling your home anytime in the future, know that a curved stairway can add to the “interior curb appeal” of your home.

“A circular staircase creates a positive first impression as people walk into the home,” says Kurt Geschwender, CRP, CRS, Geschwender Real Estate Co. “It’s a one-two punch. You’ve created strong curb appeal to move them off the street and into the house. Then you need to close them with the first impression as they enter the home.

“I’ve found that a buyer will mentally buy the home after they hit the front door … and that they tour the rest of the house looking for reasons why not to buy it.”

To create the staircase of your dreams, see our “Selecting Your Stair System” on the L.J. Smith website.

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