Choices, Choices!


Need inspiration? Looking for “just the right” stairway system? Our new “Inner Artistry” catalog and L.J. Smith website can provide both!

The 28-page Inner Artistry catalog can be mailed to you (simply call us at 740-269-2221) or viewed online. Thumb through and you’ll find dozens and dozens of options in both our iron and wood collections.

The perfect resource tool, the catalog provides both illustrations and close-up details of stair systems. You’ll also find vivid pictures that can serve as inspiration for your next staircase. Hint: don’t always follow the “rules” with a staircase design. Mix and match products to create the stairway system that most appeals to you!

If you need extra help, our online Stair Designer lets you quickly and easily design your own personalized stair system. Start by selecting the stair system type you’d like --- post to post or over the post. Then decide if you’d like wood or iron balusters. You’ll find a variety of choices to help create your ideal staircase.

Finally, we’re here to help. Contact us for personal assistance in selecting your staircase elements. Our Customer Service team --- at 740-269-2221 --- is ready to help turn your stairway dreams into reality.

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