Item #: LJ-3061


Our Bore Buster Plus increases the quality and speed of handrail installation. This tool bores precision perpendicular or angled holes in straight or curved wooden handrails. The Bore Buster is lightweight but extremely tough. It has precision pitch controls and fits LJ-6010, LJ-6109, LJ-6210, LJ-6400, LJ-6519, LJ-6601, LJ-6701, LJ-6900, LJ-6A10 and LJ-6B10 handrail profiles. This tool permits fast, accurate rail bolt holes to be drilled. The Bore Buster fits most power drills and our LJ-3031 Chuck-Buster. The Bore Buster PLUS comes in a hard carrying case and includes: 3/8” electric drill, LJ-3032 Rail Bolt-Runner, LJ-3033 Dowel-Runner, LJ-3035 Centaur, LJ-3036 Dowel-Fast Tap, LJ-3044 VersaTool, LJ-3031 Chuck-Buster, 9/32” twist bit, 3/8” twist bit, 5/8” Bore Buster bit, 3/4” Bore Buster bit, 1” Bore Buster bit and a Bit file.

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