March 2009


Volume 4, Issue 2


          L.J. Smith is pleased to introduce a NEW product called ProCurve®. ProCurve® is a ready to assemble custom “curved” stair system that has been specifically designed to be assembled on-site with the builder’s own trade labor. This unique product is offered in 3 progressive packs (phases) designed to correspond with the different stages of a typical construction project: Layout Pack; Framing Pack; and Trim & Balustrade Pack. Each pack comes with very detailed instructions and can be ordered separately or all at the same time. 

 ProCurve's progressive phases of construction are summarized below, or view a more detailed presentation.  


  Our ProCurve brochure explains the details of this exciting and cost effective new way to build custom curved stairs. For further details or to request a printed copy of the brochure, please contact your L.J. Smith salesperson, or call us at 740-269-2221.      



          L.J. Smith is also pleased to announce that we are now offering Wood Spiral Stairways. Many different balustrade combinations and standard sizes are available as well as custom configurations. Each stairway is set up in our shop and then disassembled prior to shipment so there is very little fitting required at the job-site. The construction of every spiral stairway features balusters installed with double-end wood screws for very tight and strong assembly into the predrilled treads; precurved handrail that is predrilled for the balusters; decorative trim brackets on each miter returned tread; and a perfectly snug fit between the center pole and treads & risers. Each spiral stairway comes with detailed assembly instructions.



         For further details or to get a copy of our Spiral Stairways brochure, please contact your L.J. Smith salesperson, or call us at 740-269-2221.      



          L.J. Smith has been creating custom stairway components for many years in our state of the art facility. In order to help you promote and sell our custom capabilities, we have put together a brochure which describes and illustrates the many unique products we make, everyday. Please be sure to announce this offering to your staff and customers as this is a very important segment within the stair parts category. You can get orders for custom stair components if your customers know you offer them!


For a copy of our Experience the Extraordinary brochure, please contact your L.J. Smith salesperson, or call us at 740-269-2221.            




         We are excited to announce that we have expanded our west coast operations by opening a full line manufacturing facility in California. Following is a press release that has recently appeared in various publications.

L.J. Smith Stair Systems: Expansion in California

Leading stair parts manufacturer opens manufacturing facility in Anaheim, California

Bowerston, Ohio - February 19, 2009 - L.J. Smith, Inc., one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of component stair parts, announces the opening of a manufacturing facility at 1020 North Armando Street in Anaheim, California. This stand-alone facility is fully equipped to manufacture all stairway components, with an emphasis on those that are regionally popular, and will provide superior service to customers in the Western United States.

“L.J. Smith is committed to providing the highest levels of service across the country,” said Larry Hillwig, President and COO. “This new facility will provide customers in the Western United States with very quick turnaround on their orders—the same excellent service levels that are being experienced by L.J. Smith’s customers in the Eastern United States.”







We would like to invite you to stop by our booth (902) at The 2009 JLC Live Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI, March 20-21. Speak with our sales team and learn about our newest products:

  • ProCurve Curved Stair Systems
  • Spiral Stairways
  • Custom Components
  • Unique Tools




Conect-A-Kit Fittings—If you miscut the upeasing when installing a landing fitting assembly using Conect-A-Kit fittings, just order another one—you can't do that with a traditional assembled gooseneck fitting, as offered by our competitors



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L.J. Smith has 8 regional warehouses strategically placed across the United States so we can provide the very best possible service levels to our customers.








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