Introducing IronPro...

IronPro Iron Baluster Fasteners are a simple way to remodel any stairway from wood balusters to iron balusters. It's perfect for remodeling or new construction. This new and innovative system installs much quicker than typical installation methods and does not require high skilled and expensive labor.

About IronPro

See our IronPro Brochure for more information and guidelines to order IronPro components. The Facts & Features List highlights important details about IronPro and provides many tips.


IronPro is Simple to Install...

  • Kneewall Attach
  • Attachment to a kneewall plate


  • Tread Attach
  • Attachment to the tread
  • Handrail Attach
  • Attachment to the handrail


IronPro Installation Step 1Step 1 - Cut the wood baluster and remove (for remodel only).






IronPro Installation Step 2Step 2 - Attach the IronPro Fasteners using the provided hardware.






IronPro Installation Step 3Step 3 -Measure and cut the iron balusters to length.







IronPro Installation Step 4Step 4 - Insert the iron baluster, pivot, and swing into position.





IronPro Installation Step 5Step 5 - Align the assembly and screw into place. Tighten set screws.






See How Simple & Easy IronPro is to Use...



IronPro Step by Step Installation Details...


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